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100% Compatibility Guarantee

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Welcome to the UK's premier choice for upgrades and repairs for your Apple Macintosh computer. We've been providing machine specific upgrades since 2001 - since the days of the G3!

Our mantra is simple, we want to help you improve the performance and extend the life of your Apple computer. Almost all Intel based Macs can be upgraded, giving them a new lease of life and saving £££ in your pocket from not having to buy a new machine. We can offer advice, usually based on our own experiences as well as a deep understanding of the technical specs, about which the best upgrades are, to get the most from your older Mac.

We offer a 100% compatibility guarantee on all upgrades chosen via our serial number or model number wizards. Each section has how-to videos, and a wide selection of products to suit. All backed up with our combined 50 years experience in the business - our technical support pre- and post-sales is second to none. Our technical team is on hand via chat, phone or email to answer any questions you might have.

Whether you choose to buy the parts and upgrade yourself, or have us do the work for you, we offer a fast, competitively priced and professional solution.

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We regularly update our Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages with up to date info on new products, support questions or articles we think you will find interesting and would love you to join in the conversation which ever way you like.

We hope you find our site useful and that we can be of service.

   - Gavin Nicholson, Managing Director