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MacUpgrades.co.uk is owned and operated by Second Chance PC Limited and started trading in October 2001. We started out in the resale of used and refurbished Apple computer equipment. Selling Performas, PowerBook Duos and PowerMac machines at discounted prices.

In our first few years we found ourselves being asked the same questions all day, everyday.

How much RAM can my Mac use?
How can I speed up my Mac?
Which hard drives will work in my computer?
Which operating systems will my machine support?
Which devices will work out of the box?

We found a lack of information, or inaccurate information, from UK retailers left a gap in the market for a specialist Mac Upgrade ecommerce site based on accurate information, organsied in a way that made sense for the owners of specific Macintosh computers.

We founded the MacUpgrades.co.uk website in 2005, when G5s were the top of the range Macs, and G4s and G3s were still fast machines, and the words "Solid State Disk" were virtually unknown.

It was an online representation of our previous 5 years of Mac sales and repair experience, with the aim to provide the information and the products together in a comprehensive list.

It took over 6 months of hard work to write and build the first version of the MacUpgrades website. We built it initially to have a separate page for each machine type – with a list of the machines specifications, the maximum possible upgrade's and a list of products we had tried and tested in each machine.

As time went on and the number of models grew, it became harder to present information that was specific enough to individual Mac models to be useful, while not being so unwieldy that locating the correct model was a chore in itself. Therefore we were delighted to bring online our serial number search, and later model number search, to ensure that the information we give you is specific for your exact machine but searchable with information you have readily to hand.

It is our aim to provide the most comprehensive Mac advice available, with expert pre- and post-sales support on 01223 833412, via email or our online chat service. We also now have a Facebook page and Twitter feed to complement the website with news, rumours and articles we find interesting and hope you do too.

All the products we list on our website have been rigorously tried and tested by the MacUpgrades technical team before being deemed compatible. You can have confidence in the fact that all our products will work flawlessly with the Mac system we state it will. One of the main questions we get asked is: will my machine really accept more RAM than Apple state it will? The answer is YES! In many case the maximum RAM is more than the machine could have originally used when made from new. We stand by our testing and compatibility guarantee – if you use our serial or model number checkers, we guarantee complete and total compatibility, backed by a full money back guarantee.

We sell almost all our products for home installation, provide links to video installation guides, and we provide all the tools and accessories necessary to complete the tasks yourself. However home installation is not for everyone, and as such we run a fast, efficient and inexpensive installation service. Wether you drop into our store in Sawston, send in your machine, or have us collect it, you can be assured of our commitment to quality, speed and efficiency at the best possible prices. All of our new products carry a full warranty between 1 and 5 years (see individual product pages for details) and come with free lifetime support.

We offer upgrades, repairs, assessment and an on-site installation and setup. We also offer Mac focused IT under our Support Guys brand.

We offer expert microsoldering repairs to Mac laptop logic boards, and can often repair them for much less than the cost of a replacement. We also offer more general soldering and microsoldering repair services for a wide range of electronic and computer equipment - see our Solder Fix site.

Macs are our passion, our livelihood, and our future. We would all love to have the brand new fastest Mac around, but the reality is that the performance of all modern Macs can be significantly upgraded with lightning-fast SSD drives and more RAM, to enable you to extend the life and improve the performance.

We provide products from: OWC, Samsung, Seagate, Western Digital, Sonnet, Kingston, Startech and many more.

We strive to bring you the latest and greatest upgrades for your Mac. If you see a new product we don't sell, that you would like, let us know and we will try and see if we can source it. Alternatively if you are a supplier we would welcome information on any new product ranges.

We hope you find this site quick, simple and easy to use. Should you have any queries, questions or technical issues please let us know.

Our address is:

Second Chance PC Limited
Unit 5, South Cambridgeshire Business Park
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Our sales team can be reached on 01223 833 412.

You may also contact us by email using our contact form.

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The MacUpgrades.co.uk Team

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