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Welcome to MacUpgrades' keyboards and mice section. Here we list keyboards and mice we have for sale, along with some of the keyboard and trackpad replacement services for Mac laptops we have fixed prices for (contact us for a quote if you don't see your Mac).

If you want to find products and services that are compatible with a specific Mac, you can search for it here. Enter your serial number (2021 and earlier Macs) or other identifier (model number, part number etc. or just search with keywords), and find your Mac along with all the parts and services we offer that are compatible with it.

Search for any Mac model. You can search by name and date, as well as any of various identifiers such as: serial number (Macs made before 2021), part number, model identifier, model number and EMC number.

To search for a serial number, enter the serial number on its own. Other identifiers and keywords can be combined.

You can also search for a macOS version to see all Macs compatible with it.

Once you have found your Mac, you will find detailed specs for it and see fully compatible products, repairs, and upgrades for your exact machine.

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