MacUpgrades Compatibility Guarantee

Here at it is our goal to have the easiest to use and most comprehensive list of Mac upgrade products in the UK. We've been advising on and selling Mac upgrade products since 2001, and through this dedicated site since 2005. You can have upmost confidence in our products and services.

We get asked questions like these all the time:

Is your site correct?
Can I really use 6GB of RAM in my iMac when Apple's website says 4GB?
My manual says my MacBook Pro can use 8GB of RAM, but your website says 16GB, why?
Apple only offered me a 500GB replacement drive, why do you list a 4TB one?

So, lets clear this up. Here at if we list it as compatible, we stand by this 100%. Guaranteed or your money back. No questions asked and without cost to you.

Every product we list has been installed and tested by our team, and we work with suppliers who also test these things inside and out, comprehensively and thoroughly. We pride ourselves on our compatibility knowledge and upgrade advice, and we stand by it absolutely.

But why does the manual say otherwise?

We get this question asked a lot. The answer is usually that the manual was correct at the time of writing, but the manual was never updated. So when larger compatible RAM modules came along, or drives larger than the options offered when the machine was sold, the manual's information became obsolete. When we say a machine can use X amount of RAM, rest assured it can. With no problems and with great results. There are Macs that will claim in software that they can recognise a certain amount of RAM, but not in fact fully utilise it, or which develop problems with this amount installed. In these cases we always list the lower amount, that works fully and without problems. We spend a lot of effort on our compatibility advice, and should we ever make a mistake we will rectify it immediately and at our expense.

Extend the life, improve the performance,

    - The MacUpgrades Team

100% Compatability Guarantee