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Thanks for your superb service.
Having had the upgrades to my iMac Lightroom is now a joy to use and the iMac is so much more responsive.
Thanks once again,
From a very satisfied customer,
Kind regards

2nd March 2019

Just want to say a massive thank you . You have breathed new life into my old MacBook pro , it runs seamlessly , quickly and smoothly , in fact just like a new laptop! All applications start up immediately , no lagging or waiting for documents to load , sooo impressed , will recommend you :)

1st February 2019

Many thanks for your advice and prompt delivery of 2x8GB kit. Fitting was almost easy, save for the central cover plate screw being faulty, but it worked. The operational result is excellent. Best wishes,

26th January 2019

Just a quick thank you. The collection and delivery service were excellent and as promised. The machine came back in immaculate condition. The upgrades certainly have bought me a couple of years of additional use.

An excellent service and I an already telling my Mac using friends to head in your direction.


1st December 2018

Gavin problem fixed – BIG thank you – great to deal with people who say what they do and do what they say – ALWAYS a great experience dealing with your company

11th September 2018

Hi Gavin,

All now working perfectly, thank you for your outstanding service, expertise and curtsey.

5th May 2018

Hi Gavin and Doug and your team mates

Many thanks for great service. My iMac arrived before lunch yesterday and within a couple of hours of getting home last night I had migrated my backup and set up most of my old accounts etc. Still have to sort out VM Ware etc but it fair zips along now.

You offer an exceptional and exemplary level of service and you should be proud of yourselves. Well done and thank you. Hopefully I won't need to deal with you for another few years but I will certainly be recommending you to any one I know with a Mac that needs upgrading or repairing.

Best wishes and many thanks

17th May 2018

Hi Gavin,

All now working perfectly, thank you for your outstanding service, expertise and curtsey.

5th May 2018

Over the past weekend the hard drive on my 10-year old iMac packed it in. I found your site and yesterday I used your very helpful site (look-up by serial number) to order a replacement and asked for ASAP delivery. The replacement drive arrived a little over an hour ago and, with the help of the excellent video guide from OWC, my iMac is back up and running and currently restoring from my TimeMachine backup.

My thanks to your staff for the excellent, quick service. As with doctors, dentists, and auto mechanics, I hope I don't need your services again too soon, but I know where to go when I need parts and I am happy to recommend your services.

10th April 2018

Just a note to express my sincere thanks for the excellent service and advice you guys have provided.

My wife homeschools our three children here in Peru, and uses a lot of online content. We need machines which can cope and not freeze or go slow.

My brother in law just donated his old 2009 MacBook Pro (5.5), and I installed RAM and an SSD - a relatively modest investment, and its working great.

So that's two "old" machines which have been transformed thanks to you guys.

Nice job.

Kind regards and all the best,

20th March 2018

Brilliant service, it arrived this morning!

Many thanks

3rd February 2018

Wow, my MacBook has never worked so well, thanks guys!! great service.

18th January 2018

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how impressed I have been with your service. MBP received back fixed but especially amazed at your turnaround time. Thanks

16th December 2017

Hi I just wanted to say a massive thanks for what you have done to my MacBook. It's truly amazing the transformation!
Best wishes

9th December 2017

Hi Gavin, Many, many thanks for rescuing my HD information and saving me much time and heartaches, I've only had to reinstall three applications. Your return service is also excellent as the carrier delivered the package within 26 hours and on a Saturday morning. I shall no doubt need your service in the future. Regards.

19th November 2017


The repaired laptop arrived today. May I take the opportunity to thank you for the superb service you delivered. From the first phone contact, your response time was remarkable.
It is heartening to see a British company so on top of its game.

Best wishes

21st October 2017

Thanks very much for the great service and swift return of my MacBook, all back up and running perfectly.


24th September 2017

Thank you very much for sourcing fitting the 480GB SSD upgrade to my daughter's MacBook Air - excellent, fast service and everything works fine - a new lease of life to a much-loved machine. Thanks a million!

31st August 2017

Order arrived yesterday afternoon. Many thanks again for your excellent service


17th August 2017

Hi Michael, Doug

My upgraded Mac arrive back today at 09:00 (strictly, 08:55 - the DPD driver couldn't let me have it until the scheduled delivery time of 09:00!).

My initial impressions are that the machine is noticeably faster, particularly on loading apps. The disk noise is slightly louder than the original disk, but I can live with this.

Thank you for an excellent upgrade, which makes a big difference. I'll happily give a recommendation if you tell me which sites to visit.


11th August 2017

That you very much for such a profession service. Your communication has been excellent and the repair is perfect. Having been quoted over £600 for a logic board replacement, you sorted that out and another problem for under half the cost. Packaging and prompt return were all excellent.

Thank you all very much


13th July 2017

Hi there,

I just wanted to say thanks for the advice you gave me a month ago. I ended up ordering a 16GB RAM upgrade from you, as advised. That has solved all of the issues with lag, beachballing, etc. Many thanks!


10th July 2017

Hi Doug,

I've returned this morning from a long weekend, and my computer is rapid!

Thank you very much for coming up and getting the job done in our absence.

I think we're all set, but if we have any issues we'll give you a bell.

Many thanks

26th June 2017

Hi Gavin
Mac Mini returned today. MacUpgrade's/Second ChancePC's customer service has been truly impressive. From my initial inquiry about options, ordering and invoicing, to installation updates and return courier information, the process has been five star. Your team has set a benchmark.
Thank you!

14th June 2017

Hi there,

A quick update to say THANKYOU so very much!!!

I formatted the ssd, and then it was recognized by the mac.

So far it seems to be working fine - you're right really fast in opening apps - a new lease of life!

Thanks again, you saved me $100 in local technicians fees.

Kind regards,

3rd June 2017

Hard disk arrived this afternoon. Now installed and working. Many thanks for a first class service.


10th May 2017

Hi Gavin, Michael,
Got my Mac back and unpacked by noon today - all up and running sweet again by 7pm.
Running 10 degrees cooler than the failed HDD.
Thanks a lot - will recommend you to any pals needing Mac repairs.
Kind Regards

15th April 2017

Hi, I would just like to thank you all for the excellent service that I received when Doug installed a new SSD in my Mac and then again with telephone help when I made a pigs ear of restarting in the wrong user. I also had some issues today installing a new external drive and once again I was helped by, i think Gavin, awho resolved the problem quickly and effectively.

First class service all-round and a very pleasant experience.

Thanks guys


9th March 2017

Ho Doug,
Just to let you know that everything is working perfectly as far as i can see. It is very fast. Thanks so much for your help and the great service.


8th March 2017

2nd batch of hard drives arrived on time and again, perfect fit in my Macs. Good Job Boys! I am happy and impressed.

3rd March 2017

Thanks for the great job you did on my MacBook Air and also for your kind donation to
Really happy with the service and will recommend and post on my Facebook page

28th February 2017

Thanks for the quick delivery of the Memory I ordered for my mac. Appreciated!


23rd February 2017

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for the rapid shipping and expert knowledge. The machine is so much faster and smoother now!

Kind regards,

5th January 2017

Thank you for such a rapid delivery, ram installed and working fine.

16th December 2016

Thank you for my new battery. It fits and it works, and bizarrely my track pad which had stopped working as you couldn't click it has now started working again. I think the old battery might have swollen up a bit. Thanks for quick and excellent service.

30th November 2016

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to say thanks.

All the excitement of a new machine but without having to feel grumpy at Apple.

Awesome stuff.


11th November 2016

Hi, I would just like to say how pleased I am with the upgrade, you carried out on my mac pro 1.1.

Thank you for the professional manner and speed of your service, the mac is now running like new.

Should the need arise I will most certainly call on your services again, and will recommend you to others.

Many Thanks

31st October 2016

Thanks so much for the quick turnaround
I was down to 3% battery when the doorbell rang


19th October 2016

Thanks guys!

Got my macbook now, transferred files to the new ssd and already installed Sierra over - no issues.
Looks like new! ;-)
Was it very dirty inside btw?


7th October 2016

Hi to all at macupgrades
Got my laptop back today.
I'd just like to pass on my thanks and appreciation at the level of your service. First class. And I'll certainly pass on my recommendation.
Many thanks and best regards

6th October 2016

All installed and transferred via your easy to follow instructions.
Thank you very much!
Best regards

3rd September 2016

Just wanted to say many thanks for the excellent service on our iMac, great advice, friendly service and fast.

Have already recommended you to a friend and will advertise you on our local community website.

best regards

29th July 2016

Just to say thank you for your assistance in installing my new SSD drive. You were correct, the problem was the data cable. The new drive is now working and I am very happy with it. Thanks again.

28th June 2016

Hi Gavin

Thanks very much for the prompt and efficient service.
The Mac Mini is now going like the clappers. Apart from the speed, I hadn't realised how noisy the old drive had become.
Presumably the SSD will also run cooler, so the fan won't have to work as hard?

Brilliant service, anyway. I hadn't expected to have the machine back in a couple of days. That's a big help when you're running a business.


21st June 2016

Very pleased with the service. Delivery received, installed and working. Thanks very much and have a great weekend.

3rd June 2016

Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for the team's very prompt repair of my wife's iMac today. The backed up data migrated quickly and easily as you predicted and, with its new solid state drive and additional RAM, the computer is now super-fast; Mary is delighted! We had major problems and you came to our rescue. We shall be sure to recommend Mac:Upgrades to any other Mac users we come across who are in need of some technical wizardry.

Kind regards and many thanks once again,

19th May 2016

Thank you. My order arrived and all working, so thank you for a very fast and efficient service! 10/10 !

Yours faithfully,

12th May 2016

Hello Michael

Great job on my Macmini, had a chance to have a bit of a test, and loaded up 8 audio files in logic & not one stutter, thanks again.

30th April 2016


You recently replaced a hard drive in my Mac Mini with an SSD. First of all I wanted to thank you for doing such a good job and turning it around so quickly. The case came back in lovely condition, and performance on the machine has been completely transformed.

27th April 2016

Dear Mac upgrades,

I just wanted to send you a quick message to thank you for upgrading my mac mini so promptly and well; I spent a very happy few hours yesterday setting it all up and I am delighted with its new performance and grateful to you for completing the upgrades so quickly.

Many thanks again for your help,
Very best wishes,

Just wanted to say very pleased with your service. All the other people I rang also thought it was the graphics card, but were totally unhelpful and defeatist about fixing it. Your supply of one and offer of return if it didn't work were ideal. Pleased customer.

23rd March 2016

Hi, Just a quick note to say that I have fitted the memory and SSD to my iMac using your excellent guide. It has transformed Dobbin into a young stallion again !

Many thanks for your excellent service.

23rd March 2016

Dear Mac Upgrades

I am delighted to have my computer up and running again.
I was impressed with the delivery I knew exactly when the delivery was and it was here on time. Good show.
Thank you for your good service.
Kind regards

17th March 2016

Arrived - Thank you for the speedy delivery!

9th March 2016

Hi re: the above order.

Very impressed with the quick service.

Many thanks

29th January 2016

Hi - it's not an enquiry it's a note of thanks! I bought some memory for my Macbook Pro and I wanted to say that without the guidance on your website and the expertise available to choose the right thing I would not have had the confidence to do the job! I found one piece of advice elsewhere online and it was to get good quality memory ... but where to find that? Once I got to your site I knew I was sorted.

So thanks - it has transformed my laptop, I now know that it's better to repair a Mac than to spend money on a cheap but new machine. Also it was helpful to know that it would handle 16GB - rather than the 8GB that Apple Support recommend. I don's always need more than 8GB but every now & again I do so glad I did it.

Cheers & all the very best for your continued success.

27th January 2016

Hi there - just an update

Received the SSD as promised on the 31st. I did a re-install of Mavericks (Yosemite and Photos was weird) and all is good on the clean install, with the help of youtube for the h/w replacement

Used my spare HDD as an itunes storage as they dont need to be on SSD

My read/write speed has gone from 50mbs/30mbs to 430mbs/150mbs respectively

wow - so responsive

many thanks :-)

6th January 2016

Just wanted to say thank you for the work you recently completed on my MacBook. I sent the MacBook down at lunchtime Wednesday and the work has been carried out to my requirements and safely returned to me in Manchester _48 hours later - even more impressive given that we are a week away from Christmas day.
Like me, many prospective customers may have concerns regarding sending their expensive equipment via post across the country. All I can say is from my experience there is nothing to be concerned about.A truly great service. Keep up the good work.
Thanks again

18th December 2015

Hi I would just like to say a BIG thank you to whoever I spoke to concerning the problems I was having with duplicate emails coming into Outlook Express. I really appreciate your time and patience. It's all sorted now and the email content is appearing too!

Wishing you all the best for the festive season,

Kind Regards

17th December 2015

Many thanks - my order arrived today. I’m about to fit the ram and test out the Icy Box.

Great service once again.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season,

9th December 2015


I just want to thank you for your excellent work and speedy service with my most recent order. Also for the helpful and friendly advice i received on the phone on the live chat


26th November 2015

Hard-drive now installed and fine - many thanks for the great service especially the telephone support you gave when I was sorting out the order.

If I find somewhere to give you great feedback I will do.


26th November 2015


Just got my MacBook back. Thank you so much for the rapid service. Just got to sort out my time machine restore.

Many thanks to everyone involved.

12th November 2015

Really appreciated the fast service! Arrived Saturday. Macbook up and working yesterday.

8th November 2015


Some product feedback for you.

I recently replaced the battery in my mid-2009 MacBook Pro with one supplied by yourselves. I have been monitoring its state using coconutBattery and I am extremely pleased with the quality of the product. It has a design capacity of 6000 mA/hr but has maintained a charge capacity above this figure at 6070 mA/hr. It is now in its 13th load cycle and the figure hasn't changed at all.

Given the stories in the press about lithium-ion batteries, I suspect manufacturing quality is crucial and I'm glad I purchased mine from you!

5th November 2015

Hi, Just thought you might like to see this


16th October 2015

I have made contact twice now for different reasons, and received swift, polite, and expert assistance both times. It's sadly rare one says that these days, so thanks once again!

14th October 2015

Just a quick thank you to the kind man I spoke to about increasing the RAM on my ancient (2007) iMac. . . upgrading from 2 to 6 RAM makes one hell of a difference - like having a new machine! And I managed to install it myself . . . it really was as easy as you promised. One happy customer.

Best regards

14th October 2015

Just want to say thanks for the fast, efficient service when upgrading my MacBook. It's working a dream and definitely extended the life of it for another couple of years at least. 

Already recommended you to some others who were thinking of doing the same thing.

Thanks again,

13th October 2015

Brilliant professional service, top customer service! I will be back ...and also leave a review on google. I work as a virtual tour specialist, if you need a tour it's on me and I will bring the machine too

8th October 2015

Hi, just a note of thanks guys! Finally installed the upgraded storage to our old MacBook, great kit, clear instructions and the machine seems to now be working quickly and smoothly. Perfect in fact!

Brilliant stuff, many thanks and see you for the next one. We have our old Mac back but better.


31st August 2015

Really some of the best support I've had from any tech company; Doug was articulate, helpful, super polite and actually knew exactly what he was talking about - he's an asset to your team and company

30th June 2015

Good Morning!

Just to let you know that "OMG why didn't I do this before?"

Installed, recognised, working and blistering load, rendering and file speed for graphics!

I've tested it with Vue 2015, Plant Factory, Daz Studio Pro 2015, Poser 2014, Modo 801 and Nuke!. (all 64-bit)

All blistering fast to load & render with little delay response on screen to manipulation.

5th May 2015

(Product purchased: AMD Radeon R9 270x 2GB Graphics Card for Mac Pro 2008-2012 - DVI/DP - NEW, FLASHED)

Just wanted to thank you for great service. I've just bought a new Hybrid hard drive and new memory for my ageing Macbook. You delivery was quick, pricing was reasonable and your installation instructions were faultless and very easy to follow. In a few hours I've changed all the hardware, cloned my old drive and have everything back working first time with no problems - first time I've attempted anything like this so I'm very pleased. It's much faster now and has a good few more years life, hopefully, which was the idea.
Many thanks

1st May 2015

Hi there,
Wanted to say THANK YOU so much for repairing our Macbook screen. Is flawless! Indeed my son believes you cleaned its sticky keyboard and sorted out the mouse while you were at it. He said it feels like new.  Many thanks! 

1st May 2015

Thank you for your newsletter.

You re-soldered the graphics card connection in my 2007 iBook in November 2013 and alerted me that it may not last forever. I thought you might like to know that it?fs still going strong after 17 months.

27th April 2015

Hi Gavin

Couldn't just get my iMac back and not say thanks. What a fantastic job you guys have done. I'm thoroughly made up. It's been good to me for 8 years, here's hoping another 8 years with it.

Brilliant work. Thank you again.

6th April 2015

I just wanted to say thank you for your Mac Hard Drive Setup Guide. For some reason it was very difficult to find an article about what you do AFTER you've physically installed the hard drive. It was really frustrating and if you keep this page up to date you'll see a lot of traffic because, like I said, there aren't a lot answers to this specific question out there(or at least that turn up in a Google search's first couple pages).

21st March 2015

Thank you very much for your very prompt attention to my order, which I placed yesterday and which arrived with this morning's post. I am very impressed with your efficiency; I have fitted the new memory and the computer is working well.

Yours sincerely,

17th March 2015

Dear Gavin,

Many thanks for your reply, and for your guidance ..
.. in your email, and also when I called to see you yesterday.
This is most helpful.

I shall be pleased to make contact in future ..
.. if I should need further help with my computers.

Yours sincerely,

17th March 2015

Hi, I ordered additional RAM for my macbook...WOW! What great service!! It arrived the NEXT DAY and work like a bomb!! Thank you

6th March 2015

This is a thank you message to say I am pleased with the speed and efficiency in carrying out the upgrade on my MacBook.

Thank you

10th January 2015

Just a note to say that the laptop has arrived back safe and sound. Really pleased with the new screen and extra RAM. Thanks for your prompt and efficient service.

10th November 2014

Thank you for excellent fast service and a helpful and informative website. Boot up time before upgrade 2 mins , after 25 sec
Kind regards

7th November 2014

I just wanted to say what a great experience that was. New 2TB drive arrived quickly. Made a boot disk on an external drive, followed a YouTube video ( and well held my breath. Wow! Machine booted up from external disk, I formatted the new one, installed Mavericks when asked and then said 'Yes' to restore from Time Machine which took 3 hours to transfer 500GB onto my new 2TB disk. Awesome, all working. MacUpgrades beyond my expectation, should have done this a year ago.

23rd October 2014

I received my order today and I am absolutely delighted. I received great help and advice over the phone so felt confident I was buying the right parts. All installed now and it has breathed new life into my old macbook pro. Many thanks!

2nd October 2014

Just a quick line to thank you very much indeed for your prompt and efficient service. I ordered an SSD caddy on Friday, and it arrived 1130am Saturday. I fitted it pm and back in business by 1800!
I would not have known of the caddy solution, until you mentioned it, much better than fiddling with cables.
Thanks again,

8th September

your ref S------. I ordered this item at 1520 yesterday, it arrived at 0845 today. Absolutely outstanding service, I shall recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks so much

29th July 2014

Thanks you very much for my recent installation.Excellent work and very speedy delivery. Will definitely be using your service again.
Thanks again,

20th June 2014

Just wanted to say how pleased with your service I am, my 2009 Macmini came with a 120Gb HDD which seemed sufficient at the time and although I store all my music & photos on USB Drives the main HDD was full after 5 years.

After finding you via a Google search, the cloning a hard drive walkthrough combined with the OWC tutorial gave me the confidence to attempt the upgrade myself, I have previously updated the memory so felt familiar with the internals of the Macmini

Ordered new HDD from you on Thursday afternoon, it arrived Friday morning and I had completed the upgrade by the end of the day.

Many thanks for your excellent service - I shall be recommending you to fellow Macusers.


19th May 2014

Thank you for your speedy and efficient service. The hard drive is now installed and working perfectly; I am very pleased.

8th May 2014

Hi Gavin

Many thanks for the amazing turnaround and customer service for my iMac this week.
The upgrades have transformed the machine and hopefully will save me from having to buy a new iMac for a good few years yet.

All the best

11th April 2014


Sorry forgot to email. I dropped my iMac off on Monday 17th for a replacement hard disk, I received it back this Wednesday 19th and everything is spot on. Many thanks to everyone there for brilliant service!!!

Best regards,

24th February 2014

hi,brilliant,item delivered 22/02 at 9.30am great service ,many thanks

24th February 2014

New drive has solved problems, machine running nicely again!
Thanks very much for such a great service. See you again soon no doubt

29th January 2014

Hi Team,

Just wanted to say thanks for the speedy and excellent service. I received my order yesterday and fitted the components too. Everything is working fine and I'm enjoying an upgraded computer now. :) Keep up the good work. :)

27th January 2014

Very impressed with your site & the help I gleaned from it. It gave me the confidence to order, as I was sure the product was fully compatible with my late 2006 I-Mac. So, I'm now the proud operator of a fully operational 1Tb HDD machine, which I installed myself.

Thanks again for your highly organised site to which I'll be returning for my RAM upgrade

Regards & Happy New Year

3rd January 2014


Extraordinary service throughout, and very, very swift. Thanks a lot. I'm really impressed. And you have certainly transformed my wife's MacBook Pro. She'll stop grumbling now.

19th December 2013

Just a quick line to say many thanks for the professional work in upgrading both the disk drive and ram on my early 2008 iMac. It has made a real difference to my work and has given my machine a new lease of life and saved a lot of money!

Not only that but work completed in record time...

4th October 2013


just to say than thanks to the people who helped me out with a problem today. I had to do an urgent replacement of a hard drive in an early 2009 24" iMac and encountered a problem trying to figure out how remount the new drive. Following the advice given I completed the exercise and everything now working perfectly.

I have been a customer in the past but this time around was installing a drive sourced locally rather than from yourselves. I live in France now and had to acquire the drive locally as the replacement was urgent. Despite that, I got the help I needed so a big thank you.


25th September 2013

Hi there

Received my laptop back today, Its amazing, thank you so much. Highly appreciate you and highly recommend you in the future.

Thanks Again

3rd September 2013

Dear Gavin,

Just to say thank you to all the team who fixed my computer. I can't get over what a brilliant service you provide. I have it back after only sending if off on Monday. I was given a quote by the Apple store for ??f500 just to install a new hard-drive, they even said it would be impossible to retrieve the data from my old one. You have saved me much stress and misery and I can't thank you enough!
Now to safely back everything up.

Thanks so much,

22nd August 2013

Hi guys, just wanted to drop you a email to say thanks very much for such a fast turnaround and excellent service installing a new bigger hard drive on my IMac.... Less than 24 hrs after dropping it off I got the 'ready to collect' call!
Thanks again.

16th August 2013

Just wanted to say a huge thanks for a very prompt service and excellent "how to" guide online. New drive and memory installed and clone in a morning! Thanks again.

9th August 2013

Hi there,

thank you very much for the upgrading of memeory and storag spage on my mac book pro. Your site was very informative as to whats parts I had to get and turnaraound was very quick indeed.

I can definitely say with some confidence, I can get another 5 years from it 

many thanks again

6th August 2013

Hello at MacUpgrade

Thanks so much for your great advice, excellent work and fast turnaround think I considered driving from bromley to Cambridge to get the Mac Pro back quickly and you've managed all that by City Link between Tuesday evening and Friday Midday, without me driving anywhere. Best advice was about being cautious about spending too much until we find out how the machine behaves, thank you


2nd August 2013

I ordered a Seagate 2TB internal drive for my Mac Pro early on Thursday morning. It arrived midday on Friday and I now have it installed and working. What an excellent service! I shall be using you again!

Kind regards,

10th June 2013

Just an email to say thank you very much for the upgrade fitted to imac. The ssd has made such a difference and your service was just amazing! Machine picked up on Tuesday and was back on Friday! mazin!

20th May 2013

Many thanks for your advice. I ordered my RAM updates yesterday and received them 1st Class mail today at 11am in the wilds of Perthshire. What excellent service! It was a 5 minute job to swap the cards and Hay Ho, off we go, everything working perfectly. What a pleasure.

Thanks again,

8th May 2013

Many thanks for my iMac upgrade. Great service and all working fine.

2nd May 2013

Hi MacUpgrades,

iMac is back on my desk , all working ok.

Great service, many thanks.

Best Regards

18th April 2013

Thank you again, your service has been exemplary from start to finish.
Kind Regards,

11th April 2013

You guys are incredibly helpful, I can't say enough praise for you, all. Cheers

4th April 2013

Dear MacUpgrades

Thanks for a stunningly fast turnaround! Machine received this morning. Much appreciated


13th March 2013

Hi, just wanted to say thank you for your fast efficient service. I will have no hesitation in using your services again and recommending you to other mac users (if I happen to meet any, they all seem hooked on PCs).

All the best

1st March 2013

Superb service. Great on-line advice, prompt delivery of product and the on-line guide for hard disc installation worked perfectly. 10 out of 10 to

22nd February 2013

Hi Guys

Quick line to say thanks for the speedy turnaround on my MacBook Pro (drive + Ram + clone) much appreciated working great!

22nd February 2013


Wanted to confirm safe delivery - and also to thank you for a brilliant job, fair prices and an impressive turnaround.

Thank you!

15th February 2013

Thanks Macupgrades,
Arrived in perfect condition on time.
Fitted in minutes and reboot. Wow what a difference!

4th February 2013

Dear MacUpgrades,

I have just finished upgrading my Mac Powerbook and I wanted to say how easy it was made by the very helpful support of your staff - your online chat facility is brilliant and the staff there could not have been more helpful. Furthermore, the detailed instructions on completing the preparation and cloning of the new Hard Disk meant the job could be done by myself without having to send my computer away for a few days.

Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and for the help you gave me.

Yours sincerely,

14th January 2013

Just wanted to say that you guys are the BEST. Brilliant products, brilliant prices, first class advice and outstanding service. Can't ask for much more than that.

3rd December 2012

Just to thank you for the outstanding service in helping me changing the RAM in my macbook!

I will definitely let people know about you. 


23rd November 2012

Dear Gavin

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the upgrade your company performed on my MacBook. Performance is so much better and I may now consider upgrading my old iMac G4 as much as I am able however the logistics of getting that machine to you for that purpose are much more difficult. Please pass on my thanks to all concerned for a job well done.

Kind regards

16th October 2012

Please put this on your positive feedback form.
I bought a used Mac pro tower 2006 model and was disappointed with the speed whilst running photoshop. After looking around I decided to upgrade the old hard drive to a ssd drive. Mac upgrades were really helpful and my drive arrived two days after order. I'm no tech wizard but it was really easy to install. I used super duper software to clone the old drive which took about an hour. My computer has gone from taking over a minute to be ready from startup to around 20 seconds it's amazing. I would recommend anybody to do this

I'm a very happy person

7th September 2012

Hi MacUpgrades

Thanks very much, I ordered the RAM on Friday night and the postman was knocking on my door Tuesday morning. I also appreciated the website which, for a non-tech guy like myself, made it very easy to determine just what my Mac needed. What a difference it's made, the Mac doesn't know what's hit it! Thanks again.

Best wishes

15th August 2012

Well done guys. Your very helpful advice was followed by excellent service complemented by really useful order tracking to help relieve stress. The upgraded machine has been transformed from a snail to a flying machine and is even better that expected. With outcomes and service like this the value is obvious and there's little need to look at the price which is, in any case, pretty damned good. Thanks very much

26th July 2012

Thank you so much for exceptional service during my hard drive emergency. You exceeded your own service promises to help me and saved my neck. I wish more companies had this level of competence and service standards. Very happy man indeed :-)

9th July 2012

Friday April 27th 2012 - Mac safely received.
Many thanks for your prompt efficient service.
I will certainly recommend you to my other Mac colleagues!

27th April 2012

I ordered a part yesterday for next day delivery and it has arrived by lunch time.I just wanted to say what a great and efficient service you deliver.If i ever need to buy any parts for my Macs i know where to come.

11th April 2012

Hi There Gavin,

Just wanted to thank you again for your help last week choosing the right Internal hard drive for my Mac. The Seagate drive arrived promptly and well packaged and most importantly it was compatible :) Computer is working again.

Nice one

26th March 2012

I couldn't find where to leave feedback so I thought I'd let you know here. I ordered RAM and a hard drive from you Wednesday, it came Thursday. I like that kind of service. Also, when I phoned up I got friendly and (more importantly) clear and succinct advise. I wanted to leave feedback as it's well deserved


20th February 2012

Just to thank you for the speedy service for my order - it has arrived Royal Mail this morning all looks intact.


9th December 2011

Arrived already. Left me Monday, back by Thursday, incredibly speedy service, thanks so much!


2nd December 2011

Arrived today, installed in minutes, excellent service and fast.


28th November 2011

Superb service and parts
Ordered a new Superdrive from you for my G5 as the old drive had been spitting out dvd's
It arrived this morning and after a quick phone call for advice on how to remove the front of the drive for fitting I fit the drive myself!!
Only took me about 10 minutes and it worked perfectly first time.

Thank you so much , you've made an Apple fan very happy and proud of herself for fitting her first part.

3rd November 2011

Just wanted to say thank you for an excellent speedy service. iBook shipped for repair Tuesday25th Oct, arrived at MacUpgrades 26th Oct - new HD fitted and iBook shipped back same day. iBook received Friday 28th. Brilliant - THANK YOU

28th October 2011

Just wanted to add my thanks to the team fro advice and now successfully installed sonnet Wi-Fi to allow me to sync up iPad and power Mac.

18th October 2011

Dear MacUpgrades,

this is to let you know that the Airport Extreme card arrived safely this lunchtime, and that it is working correctly on our network.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the very prompt and efficient service. You will be recommended to others who are looking for Mac components.

With kindest regards,

13th October 2011

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your good service.

Found you very quickly online and your website was very helpful.

The goods arrived quicker than expected, and have done the trick.

We will certainly use you again in the future, and recommend you to others.

Kind regards,

3rd October 2011

Order arrived last week 1-day afterwards.
Would just like to say this is the 3rd time I've used your website for products to upgrade MAcs and on all three occasions it has been fast and efficient.
Well done!

13th September 2011

Following your upgrade of my iMac G5 hard drive and our subsequent telephone conversation, I am delighted to tell you the iMac finally relented and accepted the install DVD. Once a system was on the drive, the firewire decided to behave too! I could boot from my clone & restore it back to the new drive without problem. The performance of the iMac is definitely much improved and it is also quieter. Many thanks to Mac:Upgrades for the excellent service & support provided! I had feared that my iMac, being the iSight variant, would be beyond economical repair and quotes from other companies seemed to confirm this. Your extremely reasonable prices however, disprove the "cheaper to throw it" advice and I will gladly recommend you to fellow Mac owners.

Kind regards,

9th September 2011

Just wanted to say thank you for supplying the replacement graphics card you sent out to me after your 2:30 deadline. It arrived this morning and I am now back up and running and a lot less stressed.

Many thanks

1st September 2011

Thank you for your message and quality service and communications, the items were delivered today. Good to place business with you.


31st August 2011

Good morning Gavin,

I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you for your help over my broken DVD drive.

I have now had it fitted, and it works beautifully. The original DVD drive has never worked, and I put up with that since 2006!

Once again Gavin, thank you very, very much.

If I need any parts or anything doing to my Mac, or any friends do, I will sure know where to send them.

Thank you,

very best regards,

25th August 2011

Sent item for upgrade on a Monday by second class post. Back on Friday morning. That is what I call superb service. Many thanks

24th June 2011

Just a note to say THANKYOU!

My friend purchased the 500gb plus 4gb ssd for old 17"macbook pro lap top (as a graduation present, and boy did i need this) The lap top has never run sooo fast, its genuinely jaw dropping!

Did you do anything else to it (empty cache or any other rubbish)?

I know Adobe photoshop will probably screw it up, as its always flash/PDF/photoshop/Indesign that i have issues with. Time will tell.

First impressions are that i have a new lap top!!!

23rd June 2011

Received, fitted and working. Many thanks for prompt delivery and excellent service.

13th June 2011

Just a thank you for the service and advice, absolutely first class, have no hesitation in ordering from you in the future thanks, again.

9th June 2011


I just wanted to send a note complementing you on the quality of service I've received, the speed of service and the quality of information provided on your website.

All in all a very pleasant transaction. I will be sure to recommend you guys.

All the best

19th May 2011

Just wanted to drop a quick thank you for the amazing service - goods couldn't have been despatched quicker, they are of a high-quality and incredibly simple to install. A very professional service - one I highly recommend and will be using again.

24th February 2011

Thank you! You guys have been bang on it with both speed and communication...will use you guys in the future.


2nd February 2011


Just a quick note to thank you for the very good and quick service you provided (replacement hard drive in powerbook). The powerbook arrived back within a week of me shipping it to you and I?fm back up and running again.

I will be recommending you to others.

Thanks again,

20th January 2011

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the superb service I received from your company. I found you doing a search on Google after an Apple store warned me I was looking at a bill for approx ??f200 and a 3 week wait to have my lap top repaired. I managed to corrupt the hard drive with the magnetic clasp on my mobile phone cover. After speaking to Mac Upgrades, I saved over ??f100 by booking my machine in with them. I dropped off my laptop on Monday to have a new hard drive fitted and was able to collect it on Tuesday. I have managed to reinstall Snow Leopard and a Time Machine backup. Everything is running as it used to. I can not fault the communication with your company and will have no problem recommending you to others. A first class service from a first class company. Thank you.

19th January 2011


Just to say I fitted the Seagate Momentus XT 7200.1 500GB SATA 2.5" 32MB HYBRID 4GB SSD into my MB Pro over the weekend following your extensive instructions and it went very smoothly.

The results are outstanding many thanks.

18th January 2011

it arrived tuesday. Very Impressed. I have installed it . All works well. Thanks and have good break

23rd December 2010

Hello Gavin,

This is a quick email to say what an amazing service you gave us. I got the machine back on Saturday lunchtime. Pretty stupendous turnaround I'd say.


20th December 2010

Hello Second Chance/MacUpgrades

A quick note to thank you for the excellent and speedy service ( and support over the phone!) I also really appreciate your re-attaching my 'apple' key - into the bargain.

My Mac was back with me today at noon and after - my fumbles with SuperDooper and your support - up and running faster and with its 298 gig drive ( never understand why all drives are labelled bigger than they actually are)

Anyway - excellent service!

Many thanks

and Very Happy Holidays

17th December 2010


Just a quick thanks for the work done on my Mac Mini - perfect job



13th December 2010


Thank you enormously for the upgrade and repair to my G4 ibook. Superbly swift service and much appreciated.


29th November 2010

Just wanted to say thank you to Mac:Upgrades for such a fantastic service. I'm really genuinely impressed. I tried half a dozen local (London-based) services before I found your website. None of them gave me the confidence over the telephone to entrust them with my macbook hard drive upgrade.

From the moment I rang you up I was given authoritative helpful advice, I discovered an upgrade option (Seagate Momentus XT 7200.1 500GB SATA 2.5" 32MB HYBRID 4GB SSD) that I was previously unaware of (and which none of your competitors seemed to know about either...). And was given the confidence to do the upgrade on my own - saving us around ??f150.00.

The information and instruction areas on your website are tremendous and have helped me to begin my new HDD clone already.

I'm very grateful indeed.

Thank you & best wishes...

28th October 2010

I'd like to thank you for the service on the macmini this week. It was very quick and the machine is working well. Thanks very much.

21st October 2010

Thanks, my laptop works well now. I would certainly recommend MacUpgrades in the future.

30th September 2010

Dear MacUpgrades,

Well, I'm a bit blown away. iMac picked up by you on Thursday, you fitted the new HD and it was back here this morning (Tuesday). This would be very impressive if I was in Cambridge, or London, or Oxford - but I'm on west coast of Wales!

What can I say other than thanks very much for a first class service.

Kind regards,

28th September 2010

A note to say thank you for the work you carried out on my PowerBook which involved fitting an increased capacity hard drive plus extra RAM. Everything now works fine and quicker, plus I installed Leopard 10.5.6 and linked up to the 500GB Firewire/USB external hard drive recommended by you. This has enabled me to utilize Time Machine. This was achieved at a fraction of the cost of Apple's Time Capsule.
Finally I would like to say you took first class care of my PowerBook and I have no fear in recommending your services to anyone having a problem with their Mac

27th September 2010

Thanks very much for servicing my machine, its back and running like a dream. I will be happy to recommend your services to my friends.

18th August 2010


A quick note, if I may, to thank you for the prompt despatch (and receipt) of my recent order. Excellent service again from a most reliable firm. The next time I spill tea over my keyboard I'll be onto you again ln a flash!

3rd August 2010

Hi, Thank you my laptop is back now. Here is some positive feedback:

It is a truly amazing service... I was initially afraid of sending my laptop in the post and was worried about how long it would be away for, but I posted it on Monday afternoon, and it was back with me first thing thursday morning! I now have more or less a new laptop for very little cost! I am very impressed with how quick, how cheap the whole process was, and how knowledgeable and helpful the website was, I was quite sure I would have to do it by phone but really the website information was so clear and easy to use that I saved more time and money there too.

29th July 2010

Fabulous service.

Thank you

19th July 2010

Hi! I'm so grateful to you for the trouble you went to, to find the correct keyboard for my PowerBook, and to phone me and let me know. Super special service! Amazing. Soon as I have it I'll post it to you. By the way, when my mac is done, would you send me back the dead hard drive if I need any data recovery, please? Thank you and RESPECT to you and your brilliant company.

13th July 2010

Hiya Guys, picked up my package from depot as I was at work and missed post. Thank you for an excellent service not only in speed of delivery but superb packaging. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone thank you once again for a first class deal.

9th July 2010

Dear Mac:Upgrades,

just to say howsweet your web site is - congratulations! It is informative, clear and concise and makes the whole shopping experience feel safe and secure.

thank you

8th July 2010


Received my HDD this morning. I wanted to email and say many thanks for some outstanding customer service. I very much appreciate what you've done to get this to me for the weekend.

I'll certainly be shopping at macupgrades again.


7th May 2010


I would just like to say thank you to the kind person on your phone line ( I am sorry to say i know not his name) who pointed me to a simple remedy for my macbook optical drive - canned air ! I was about to be charged around ??f250 for a replacement drive and was enquiring about an external drive as an alternative. I have bookmarked your site and will be returning directly in case of any future issues!

That was genuine help and not hard sell - what a relief!!

Thanks again

27th April 2010

Dear Sirs,

I have received the drive as ordered.
It is installed and works perfectly in My G5 Mac Pro.
I would like to thank you for your excellent service. I received the drive within 2 days. I will certainly look you up for future requirements


6th April 2010

very good quality service and products

26th March 2010

Many thanks for the excellent service - good product, speedy delivery and very helpful website 'how to' sections. It proved to be a trouble-free upgrade.

24th March 2010

Thanks, good news on your fast service

19th March 2010

I would just like to say a very big thank you for an excellent and prompt service as well as your advice on the relevant software. My imac G5 had been sitting redundant for a couple of years till I stumbled across your website. Some apple 'experts' informed me that in order to get any software upgrades from Panther I needed an Intel based processor, which is not true! With your help I now have a bigger hard drive and a fairy large memory. Today I successfully installed 10.5.6 without any issues.

Many thanks

19th March 2010

Order received at 1 p.m. today.

Fantastic service - Many thanks.

5th March 2010

Safely received - excellent, thank you

4th March 2010

Just wanted to thank you for an excellent and fast service i placed an order Wednesday, received it today (Friday)! exactly what i needed you guys are the best

26th February 2010

Many thanks for super service.

24th February 2010

Dear Mac:Upgrades,

Many thanks for my order of a hard drive and case, they arrived within a few days of placing the order online. Excellent online information.

15th February 2010

Just a quick email to say thanks for your super fast service! Both items are exactly what I needed.

. Many thanks

5th February 2010

Ladies and gentleman of Mac:Upgrades,
I really, really should have known that whatever I would need to expand my Mac would be found on your site. To my cost I had forgotten you and that was a big mistake. After having found you again I now know that simply navigating through your site provides all the answers that I need, simply because you do all the work to establish the right product for the right machine. What could be more appropriate-good advice-detailed explanations and disarmingly simple instructions for installation. All this information is worth a fortune in saving endless time and money searching for products which,`seem right`, but eventually turn out to be not quite what you expected or indeed don`t work at all!
Many thanks, you have a devoted customer.

3rd February 2010

You did an upgrade of memory and disk on my ibook last June. Has given the machine a new lease of life. Very pleased with your service. Any time I need an Apple upgrade will be in touch. Cannot recommend you highly enough.

1st February 2010

Dear MacUgrades I have received my order and I am very happy with the product and hope to continue shopping with your company.

21st January 2010

This isn't an enquiry. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all at Mac:Upgrades. I received my MacBook yesterday, upgraded and better than ever, and it arrived back in the exact same state as I sent it off. You have the best customer service I've ever dealt with! Your service was absolutely fantastic! I will no doubt be upgrading my MacBook again in the near future now that I know how simple and stress-free it can be.

Thank you again so much

11th January 2010

Just a thank you for your excellent service. Very quick, machine received back in perfect order and all during the worst weather this generation. Will recommend very highly. Thank you,

11th January 2010


Just a note to say thanks for the very prompt service. The new disk drive is working as it should and will prolong this rather old MacBook Pro for a few more years. The disk caddy also worked so I now have a 120Gb portable drive.


4th December 2009


Just wanted to say thank you for such a good service. Your site made it easy for even a computer ignoramus like me to identify the correct part, the price was good, and you delvered it quickly. Your reassurance that it was an easy fit, and the link to the Apple pdf for the instructions made it a doddle: despite the fact that I've never lifted the bonnet on a computer in my life, job done "right first time" and in five minutes.

Keep up the good work, I'll use you again, and recommend you to anyone I know who needs Mac bits and pieces.

Thanks again,

3rd December 2009

Received MacBook this morning, cracking service all seems to be working spot on. Deffo recommend MacUpgrades.


17th November 2009

Thank you, excellent service. Disc arrived in good time, IMac rebuilt and this email came from it!

16th November 2009

Dear Sir / Madam,

I just wanted to contact you and complement you on your sales service and advice and the step by step guides on your website.

In the week I bought a new 500gb hard drive for my little MacBook, and an enclosure to turn the old hard drive into an external one.

The advice I received over the phone at point of sale was spot on and the guides for replacing the hard drive perfect. The new drive has given my mac a new lease of life all for just over ??f100.

Many thanks

26th October 2009

Hi MacUpgrades,

Thanks for sorting out my iBook so quickly - everything's up and running again.

Kind regards,

1st October 2009

Great service. Mac Mini all back and working 100%

Many thanks!


25th September 2009

Hi, no enquiry, just a note to say thanks for your incredibly concise and thorough site. I needed some specific info on a second hand Mac, and could only find the exact info I needed right here, AND it was presented in clear manner that even a non-Mac user could understand. Thanks again then...

28th July 2009