Help Me Find My Mac

Welcome to our Help Me Find My Mac page. Here you can drill down to find your specific Mac, where you can browse fully compatible products and services. The central design of this website is to make it possible to locate your precise Mac, and then see upgrades and services that are specific to that machine and guaranteed to be compatible.

We have other tools to find your Mac which you might prefer - you can directly lookup your Mac's serial number or you can select it from its Model ID (both of these tools are available at the top of every page). Also you can give us a call on 01223 833 412 (lines open 9am - 5pm, Mon- Fri)) or email, and we can help you locate your precise machine and discuss your requirements and options.

  • MacBook Pro

    Apple's professional laptop range, made since 2006. Screens have varied in size between 13" and 17". All models have "MacBook Pro" written on the display bezel (just under the screen).

  • MacBook Air

    Lighter, cheaper and less powerful alternative to the MacBook Pro. Screens have been 13" or, historically, 11". All models have "MacBook Air" written on the display bezel (just under the screen).

  • MacBook

    Later MacBooks (2015 and later) are ultra lightweight 12" laptops. Early models were much thicker and heavier 13" machines, marketed as lower-cost consumer laptops. All models have "MacBook" written on the display bezel (just under the screen).

  • iMac

    iMacs are all-in-one computers where the computer is built into the display, though a separate mouse and keyboard is used to control it.

  • Mac Pro

    The Mac Pro is a high-end workstation, built as a separate computer to which a monitor, mouse and keyboard are attached.

  • Mac mini

    Mac minis are small separate computers to which a separate monitor, mouse and keyboard are attached.

  • PowerMac

    PowerMacs are desktop computers (using separate monitors) and all use PowerPC CPUs. Built up to 2005, they vary widely in colouring, from 1990s beige through blue, grey and silver. Ending up with the PowerMac G5 that looks very similar to the Intel powered Mac Pros that were made up until 2012.

  • PowerBook

    The PowerBook range is the pre-2006 equivalent of the MacBook Pro. They are laptops based on PowerPC processors and aimed at the professional user.

  • iBook

    The consumer targeted laptop of the PowerPC era (pre-2006). These machines started off with a colourful "Clamshell" design, and evolved into a simpler white look.

  • eMac

    A short-lived all-in-one computer from the early 2000s based on the PowerPC G4 chip, coloured white and built around a 17" CRT monitor.