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Enter the serial number for your Mac below and press submit. You can find your serial number on a sticker on your Mac, or by going Apple Menu > About This Mac, then clicking the More Info button. This brings up System Profiler, and on the Hardware Overview that is displayed by default you should see your serial number, and be able to copy/paste it. You can also locate your Mac from its Model Identifier with our Model ID picker.

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iBook - Dual USB

iBook G4
Dual USB

iBook G4

The iBook G4 is in the same case as the iBook G3 Dual USB, and is also available in 12" and 14" configurations.

The white MacBook is reasonably similar but uses an Intel Core Duo CPU, rather than a PowerPC G4.

See this page for any iBook with a G4 processor.

iBook G3
Dual USB

iBook G3 Dual USB

The iBook G3 Dual USB was a very long-running and hugely popular Apple laptop. The case was a major change from the Clamshell iBooks. The model took its name from its twin USB ports.

The white iBook case is shared with the G4 iBook, and the easiest way to differentiate these machines is to check the processor type.

The white MacBook is reasonably similar but uses an Intel CPU, rather than a PowerPC G3

iBook Clamshell

iBook G3

iBook Clamshell

This second version of the Clamshell iBook came in 366MHz and 466MHz configurations. The case is the same curvy design as the first iBook, but it was sold in different colours.

There were two 366MHz models, the first was graphite in colour, the second was available in indigo and lime green. The 466MHz version was graphite.

The first 366MHz model had a USB port but no FireWire, the latter models had both a USB and a FireWire port.

iBook G3

iBook Original

This first version of the Clamshell iBook introduced the very distinctive curvy case which became an icon.

The original version was released at 300MHz. It came in blueberry and orange colouring, and the plastic used was fairly translucent when compared with the later Clamshells (left).

This model of the iBook had a single USB port but no FireWire.

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