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Enter the serial number for your Mac below and press submit. You can find your serial number on a sticker on your Mac, or by going Apple Menu > About This Mac, then clicking the More Info button. This brings up System Profiler, and on the Hardware Overview that is displayed by default you should see your serial number, and be able to copy/paste it. You can also locate your Mac from its Model Identifier with our Model ID picker.

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MacBook Air

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air ultraportable was released in early 2008. Initially with a 13" screen, with an 11" model introduced later.

The machines are much thinner than other Apple laptops, and do not have an internal DVD drive.

MacBook Aluminium

MacBook Aluminium

The MacBook Aluminium released in October 2008 has a 13.3" screen and an Aluminium case similar to the MacBook Pros.

In June 2009 this machine was updated and renamed the MacBook Pro 13" - upgades for these two machines are very similar and we deal with them on the same page.

Can be distinguised from the earlier MacBooks by the radically different case, and from the MacBook Pros by screen size or System Profiler.

MacBook (white or black)


The black version of the MacBook (shown) is very distinctive. However the white version is reasonably similar to the Dual USB iBooks. You should check the CPU type in System Profile - the MacBook has an Intel Core Duo or Core 2 Duo processor.

The MacBook Pros also use Intel Core Duo/Core 2 Duo, but have larger screens and are silver in colour.

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