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MacBook Aluminium 2008 - Upgrade & Repair


MacBook Aluminium 2008

The MacBook Aluminium is a slightly strange machine. Essentially it was the first MacBook Pro Unibody 13", but put into the MacBook range instead. Maybe this was a trial of the new form factor, or perhaps Apple changed their minds, but after this single release the MacBook range moved to the White Unibody that was much more similar in appearance to the original MacBooks that it replaced.

Like the early Unibody MacBook Pros, this MacBook does use cheap DDR3 PC8500 RAM, and can be upgraded to 8GB (there is a firmware requirement, but this is normally met on any machine that has been upgraded to at least OSX 10.7 Lion). It also has a SATA 300 drive controller, making it able to run an SSD at useful speeds. The Mac maxes out at OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

We can repair this machine in much the same way as any MacBook Pro Unibody, though given its age in most cases we advise replacement of a failed machine. Annoyingly the one thing the MacBook Aluminium doesn't share with MacBook Pro Unibody 13" is its battery design - MacBook Aluminium batteries are unique to this model, making replacement batteries difficult to find.

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