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MacBook Air - Upgrade & Repair

MacBook Air

Launched in 2008, the MacBook Air was initially clearly the lightest laptop in Apple's range - dropping the DVD drive years before other models. They were aimed at customers who valued portability above everything else. This became less pronounced in later years as DVD drives became obsolete, and all Apple laptops became thinner and lighter. And with the introduction of a 12in MacBook in 2015, and the 11in MacBook Air being discontinued, their relative positioning was reversed with the MacBook as the ultra lightweight model, and the MacBook Air as a cheaper and less powerful alternative to the MacBook Pro.

From the very beginning of the range, RAM upgrades have not been possible, with Apple choosing to solder the RAM in place. This has limited the longevity of many machines over the years, particularly those sold with the lowest RAM option, which on the MacBook Air range has tended to be barely enough to run contemporary software. Drive upgrades are possible on models up to 2017, though they are in almost all cases of a non-standard type which has increased prices. After 2017 drives have been made part of the logic board, making drive upgrades, or data recovery from a logic board with a non-repairable fault, impossible.

We have been repairing MacBook Airs since they first came out and have extensive experience with them. We do component level logic board repair as well as replacement and repair of any and all other parts.