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MacBook Air Intel - Upgrade & Repair

MacBook Air Intel

The MacBook Air was first launched in 2008 as Apple's entry into the ultraportable/subnotebook market. Aimed primarily at frequent travellers, who wanted a light-weight machine and were prepared to sacrifice functionality in exchange, the MacBook Air was the first Apple laptop to be released without any kind of CD or DVD drive since this had become standard equipment.

For a while the MacBook Air kept its focus on being the super-lightweight Apple laptop. But as laptops as a whole became lighter, and Apple stopped releasing new models of their MacBook consumer-focussed laptop, the MacBook Air came over time to fill the more general role as a cheaper and less powerful alternative to the MacBook Pro. When the MacBook relaunched in 2015, in a significantly lighter form factor than the MacBook Air, the two lines had effectively swapped roles.

None of these Macs have upgradeable RAM, but drive upgrades are possible on models up to 2017.

We have a huge amount of experience in MacBook Air repairs. We do a lot of logic board repair, as well as replacing batteries, keyboards, drives and many other components.