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MacBook Pro - Upgrade & Repair

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is Apple's professional laptop. Introduced in 2006 with the switch to Intel CPUs as a replacement for the PowerPC based PowerBook G4, the MacBook Pro brand moved onto Apple's ARM based CPU with the 13" MacBook Pro M1 in 2020.

The ability to upgrade the MacBook Pro declined steadily over time. Up until the MacBook Pro Retina, launched in 2012, both RAM and drive upgrades were possible and cheap to do. The Retina models have their RAM soldered in place and non-upgradeable, and they moved to internal drives that were of a non-standard type. Increasing the cost, and decreasingly the availability, of third party upgrades. Then in 2016, with the launch of the models with a Touch Bar, Apple started soldering the internal drive in place as well. Ending drive upgrades (and the ability to salvage data from a machine with a dead logic board).

We offer extensive repair services for many faults on MacBook Pros, with a speciality in board-level micro-soldering - we can often replace individual components that may have failed or been damaged (eg by liquid spills) at a far cheaper price than replacing the whole board.