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MacBook Pro Intel - Upgrade & Repair

MacBook Pro Intel

The MacBook Pro with Intel CPU was a long running (2006 - 2020) and massively successful series of professional laptop computers. Redesigned multiple times, the range has consistently contained both the most powerful laptops that Apple can produce, as well as smaller and lighter models for those who need more portability.

Upgrades on the earlier Unibody and Aluminium variants are cheap and simple. These machines use industry standard drives and RAM, which can be replaced by anyone who is willing to unscrew the bottom case. The later Retina models however have soldered their RAM onto the logic board making it unupgradable. Drive upgrades for the Retinas are available up to the 2015 models, albeit they are of a non-standard design that has reduced the number of third parties offering upgrades and increased their price. Later models do not have drive upgrade options at all.

We offer extensive repair services for these machines. From logic board repair to failed drives (on models where these are replaceable) we have been repairing MacBook Pros for as long as they have been around.