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Mac Pro Tower 2006 - 2012 - Upgrade & Repair

Mac Pro Tower 2006 - 2012

Released in 2006, the Mac Pro was a direct replacement for the PowerMac G5. The casing is very similar externally though the Mac Pro has a second DVD drive slot, and internally has 4 hard drive bays, rather than the 2 of the G5. These Mac Pros occupied the top slot in Apple's line up, and were regularly refreshed up until 2010. After this point, with the new super-fast Thunderbolt ports being added to contemporary MacBook Pros and iMacs in 2011, there were some questions about its lack on the flagship workstation line. These became louder in 2012 when the Mac Pro line was refreshed, but with incredibly minor changes and still no Thunderbolt, and it wasn't until late 2013 that the all-new cylindrical Mac Pro came out that Thunderbolt was finally added.

These Mac Pros all have upgradeable RAM, drives, graphics cards, expansion cards and CPUs. This, and these workstations excellent initial specs, have allowed these machines to age gracefully and still be useful for general purpose computing tasks long after they aged out of their top spot in the Mac lineup. The earlier models are hampered by their lack of ability to run modern versions of macOS, but machines from 2010 (and 2009 with a firmware upgrade) can be upgraded to 10.13, or even 10.14 if you can find a compatible graphics card that supports Metal, making them useful for a lot of tasks well into the 2020s.

The modular design of the tower form factor makes repairing the Mac Pro easier than many other Macs. We have extensive experience in repairing these Macs and can source parts for them.