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Mac mini - Upgrade & Repair

Mac mini

The Mac mini has filled the position of low-cost Mac desktop since its launch as a PowerPC G4 based machine in 2005. Optimised for a small footprint and low cost, these Macs have never reached the popularity of the iMac, but have been consistently well-liked machines among their users. Up until 2014 these machines saw good support from Apple, with updates released every year to 18 months. This then slowed dramatically, with the next model not released until 2018 - leading some to believe that Apple thought the Mac mini was cannibalising sales of some of its more expensive machines. The mini has made the jump to Apple Silicon however, with the 2020 launch of the Mac mini M1.

Up until 2012 the Mac mini was as upgradeable as any contemporary Apple laptop (they are essentially built as laptops without a screen), but this changed in 2014 with that model having soldered in RAM though a still upgradeable drive. The 2018 swapped this, with upgradeable RAM, but a non-upgradeable drive. With the 2020 change to the ARM based Apple Silicon architecture, the Mac mini is just not upgradeable at all.