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Mac mini Intel - Upgrade & Repair

Mac mini Intel

The first Mac mini with an Intel CPU was released in 2006, and the last in 2018 (with the same model with different storage options being rereleased in 2020). The Mac mini has consistently been Apple's budget desktop machine, aimed mainly at the consumer market but with significant uptake among professional users - particularly in later years as the capabilities of the hardware advanced faster than the requirements of many types of software.

All these Mac minis are upgradeable to some extent. Every model apart from the 2018 can have its drive upgraded, and replacing the stock hard drive with an SSD is an excellent way to improve general performance. RAM can be upgraded in all models apart from the 2014, where it was soldered in place. The 2018 model can be upgraded all the way to 64GB, making it useful for some very memory heavy tasks and is one area where it outclasses the generally excellent Mac mini M1 which maxes out at only 16GB.

We have been repairing the Mac mini Intel machines since they were first released, and have a huge amount of experience with them and access to a lot of parts.