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Mac mini 2018 - Upgrade & Repair


Mac mini 2018

The Mac mini 2018 line was technically refreshed in 2020, but the only difference where the storage options offered, apart from that they are identical to the Mac mini 2018 down to their part numbers and EMC numbers. These are excellent and extremely popular machines for a wide variety of uses. They fill the traditional Mac mini role as a low-cost desktop, but since they are able to be upgraded all the way to 64GB of RAM it opens up a whole range of uses that previous models were incapable of. While the Mac mini M1 that replaced this model benefits from its extremely powerful ARM based processor, the restriction to only 16GB of RAM does make it an incomplete replacement for some high-end users.

We sell inexpensive RAM for the Mac mini 2018, and offer fitting services if you do not want to tackle it yourself. Sadly this model does not have upgradeable internal storage, but it does have fast Thunderbolt and USB connectivity allowing external storage to be used and we have external SSDs and hard drives available.

We offer evaluation and repair services for the Mac mini 2018.

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