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iMac - Upgrade & Repair


The iMac has been a flagship Apple brand all the way back to its launch in 1998, when its radical new design moved Apple beyond the then ubiquitous beige box approach to computer design. Initially designed for the home, the iMac has become Apple's main desktop computer, with models to fill every niche from home machine to high end creative professional; with only users with the very heaviest workloads being steered towards the Mac Pro.

Upgradeability has been mixed, but generally trending downwards. Almost all Intel based iMacs can have both their RAM and drives upgraded, greatly prolonging their useful life. Unfortunately from 2012, only RAM on the 27" models is an easy home upgrade, with drives on the 27", and both RAM and drives on the 21.5", requiring the machine to be cut open and glued back together. The new iMac M1 24" is not upgradeable at all. If it is physically possible to upgrade a particular iMac, then we have parts available. We are also extremely experienced in performing these upgrades, and offer installation services for all models where upgrades exist.

We have been repairing iMacs since the G3 era, and provide comprehensive repair services for all models.