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iMac M1 - Upgrade & Repair


iMac M1

Released in 2021 with the 24" iMac M1, this model brought Apple's new ARM based CPU architecture to the iMac line. This initial model is limited to only 16GB of RAM, making it aimed more at the home/office market. Though the new CPU has excellent performance, making it capable of much higher end tasks as long as they have modest RAM requirements.

There are some differences between the low and mid spec model, to the point where they have different Model IDs (the high spec is simply a mid spec with more storage). Most noticeably, the mid spec has more USB ports and an ethernet port, but internally it also has a considerably better cooling system. This makes it a more attractive machine for users who need sustained high performance, since it will avoid the M1's excellent performance being throttled.

Neither RAM or drive is upgradeable after purchase, though they have fast Thunderbolt and USB connectivity that allows extremely quick external storage to be used and this isn't much of an inconvenience in a desktop machine. Models configured with only 8GB of RAM are going to suffer longevity issues however.

Repairability is not great, though there are a few upsides. The screen is glued on, but not especially difficult to remove, and fans, USB ports, headphone jack, power button, speakers, and webcam are all replaceable.

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