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iMac Intel - Upgrade & Repair

iMac Intel

The iMac with Intel CPU is a hugely successful range of desktop all-in-one computers from Apple. First released in 2006, when Apple switched from PowerPC to Intel CPUs, the first couple of revisions were in the same white casing as the previous iMac G5, but in 2007 the line switched to the silver colouring that it would keep throughout the entire range. The line updated again in late 2009, with 21.5" and 27" screen size options replacing 20" and 24". Then a major redesign was made in 2012 with a new, much thinner, case and the removal of the internal DVD drive.

Almost all these machines can have their RAM and drives upgraded (there are a couple of exceptions towards the end of the range), though the process to do so has became progressively more involved with each redesign. We offer RAM and drive upgrades for all models that take them, and offer installation services across the entire range.

We have been repairing the Intel iMacs since they were first released, and have a great deal of experience and access to parts.