MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Keyboard Replacement Services

So, your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air's keyboard is playing up. Don’t panic. We can help. Keyboards in Mac laptops can go wrong in a variety of ways, whether it be individual keys not working, or whole diagonal rows (very common), keys giving the wrong character, or total failure (which on many models exhibits as a complete failure of the machine, since the power button is not functioning). Since the 2009 MacBook Pro, the way in which Apple has attached their keyboards into their laptops has been made much more difficult than in the early models. Mostly requiring a lot of either small screws or rivets to be removed and replaced. For this reason, we don’t offer keyboard parts for sale, we only offer keyboard replacement services where you send or bring your machine to us for repair.

We are able to replace keyboards separately (rather replacing the whole top case). This saves you money, and saves unnecessary e-waste being dumped into the environment.

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Common Causes of Keyboard Failure (Not Counting the Butterfly Keyboard Disaster)

  • 95% – Liquid damage. Keyboards are the most common item to be damaged by liquid. We know that you take care of your machine, but even tiny amounts of liquid can cause whole rows of keys to stop working. On the positive side, the keyboard can sometimes act as a trap for small amounts of liquid, and prevent or slow it reaching the internal components. Even environmental liquid such as condensation can build up and damage keyboards
  • 3% – Component failure. Keyboards are a whole set of tiny switches in rows joined together. Sometimes they just fail.
  • 1% – Damage to the controller on the logic board, usually caused by liquid.
  • 1% – Damage to the cable which connects the keyboard to the logic board (or to the trackpad – in MacBook Airs pre 2018 the keyboard and trackpad connect together).

Whatever the issue we can help. Even if you are not sure which issue you have you can book a repair, or just send us the machine with a fault description and we will quote you on repair.

Common Symptoms of MacBook Keyboard Failure

  • Diagonal rows of keys not working.
  • Machine does not power on (power button not working).
  • Individual keys not working.
  • No keys working at all.
  • Machine boots into SAFE mode – (shift key stuck).
  • Machine boots into password recovery (key stuck).
  • Cannot login because password not accepted (keys not working or stuck down).
  • Random characters showing (ALT key stuck).

All Macs can use a USB keyboard (some require an adapter) but in the short term you can use a USB keyboard to login and keep working (this will not help with a broken power button).

Whatever the issue we can help. Even if you are not sure which issue you have you can send it to us with a description of the fault, and we will quote you on repair.

The Terrible Butterfly Keyboard Disaster (2015 – 2019) and Extended Warranty Scheme

In 2015 with the introduction of the 12" MacBook, Apple introduced the "Butterfly Keyboard". The aim of this was to reduce the depth of the keyboard, and allow them to reduce the thickness of their laptops. An understandable aim, but one that has seen all these machines plagued with keyboard issues, such as keys not working or getting stuck. This was such a prevalent issue that an extended repair scheme was introduced and is still running at the time of writing. This covers all machines with the butterfly keyboard: 12in MacBooks (2015 - 2017), MacBook Pros (2016-2019) and MacBook Airs (2018-2019). Apple's scheme provides a free repair on these machines if the keyboard fails within 4 years of purchase. We would definitely suggest contacting them with older machines as well - four years seems an unambitious longevity target for a premium product like the Apple Mac.

See details on Apple's website.

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