Replace C9560 Tantalum Capacitor on MacBook Pro 2010 15in

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Replace C9560 Tantalum Capacitor on MacBook Pro 2010 15in
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MacBook Pro 2010 15in Kernel Panic issues

This is a very common issue on the 15in 2010 MacBook Pros (logic board number 820-2850), often mistakenly attributed to a failed GPU or graphics chip. In fact in most cases the issue is with a tantalum capacitor on the logic board (C9560) this capacitor often fails and causes a slight short to ground, so when the computer switches from the integrated (Intel HD Graphics) to the dedicated (NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M) GPU it causes a kernel panic. The solution is to replace the C9560 capacitor for a larger and more reliable polymer capacitor (extending the ground plane to allow fixation).

Common symptoms

  • Intermittent kernel panics
  • Crashing when playing videos (such as youtube, where the machine switches to the higher GPU)
  • GPU panics mentioned in the console logs.
  • ASD failing with GPU errors.

Symptoms unlikely to be caused by this issue

  • Graphical artefacts on screen (blockiness, corruption etc) - much more likely to be the GPU itself
  • Colour wash (single colour round windows etc) - likely to be GMUX chip, contact us for options.
  • Not booting through (stopping 3/4 way across the loading screen) - more likely GPU or hard drive.

It is possible to negate some of the effects by using software such as GFX Switcher X to set the machine to only use the integrated GPU (Intel) rather than the dedicated one. However this is not a permanent fix, and eventually repair will need to be done.

This repair is done on a no-fix, no-fee basis (assuming the machine has the C9560 issue and no other faults).

We've carried out over 50 of these repairs as of September 2017, with a huge success rate.

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This product is compatible with the following Macs:

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody
For MacBook Pro 15in 2010.