Replace C9560 Tantalum Capacitor on MacBook Pro 2010 15in

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Replace C9560 Tantalum Capacitor on MacBook Pro 2010 15in
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This is a repair service that is performed on our premises. Once booked you will need to either bring or send your machine into us, or you can have us send our courier to collect it - see here. Once complete you can collect the machine from us, or we can ship it back to you for our standard courier delivery charge (applied during the checkout process).

MacBook Pro 2010 15in Kernel Panic issues

This is a very common issue on the 15in 2010 MacBook Pros (logic board number 820-2850), often mistakenly attributed to a failed GPU or graphics chip. In fact in most cases the issue is with a tantalum capacitor on the logic board (C9560) this capacitor often fails and causes a slight short to ground, so when the computer switches from the integrated (Intel HD Graphics) to the dedicated (NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M) GPU it causes a kernel panic. The solution is to replace the C9560 capacitor for a larger and more reliable polymer capacitor (extending the ground plane to allow fixation).

Common symptoms

  • Intermittent kernel panics
  • Crashing when playing videos (such as youtube, where the machine switches to the higher GPU)
  • GPU panics mentioned in the console logs.
  • ASD failing with GPU errors.

Symptoms unlikely to be caused by this issue

  • Graphical artefacts on screen (blockiness, corruption etc) - much more likely to be the GPU itself
  • Colour wash (single colour round windows etc) - likely to be GMUX chip, contact us for options.
  • Not booting through (stopping 3/4 way across the loading screen) - more likely GPU or hard drive.

It is possible to negate some of the effects by using software such as GFX Switcher X to set the machine to only use the integrated GPU (Intel) rather than the dedicated one. However this is not a permanent fix, and eventually repair will need to be done.

This repair is done on a no-fix, no-fee basis (assuming the machine has the C9560 issue and no other faults).

We've carried out over 50 of these repairs as of September 2017, with a huge success rate.

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