INSTALL SERVICE - RAM in a Mac mini (2018)

49.00 + vat

INSTALL SERVICE - RAM in a Mac mini (2018)
Stock Status: Available.

Have us install your new RAM for you. This installation service covers the physical fitting of the new RAM. This service is only valid when purchased with a memory upgrade.

Please choose this service if you wish your RAM to be installed into a Mac mini of the 2018 revision.

Unless you are using our on-site installation service, you will need to send your Mac into us for us to carry out the work. Please see our installation service page for more details. You can also have us collect your Mac from you, please add our Collection Service to your shopping cart.

For most installation work we are able to offer a same day service at additional cost, see here for details.

Please ensure that all data is backed up before dispatching your machine to us.

If your Mac is still within its warranty period, please be aware that Mac Upgrades engineers are not certified to work on warrantied Macs. Depending on the nature of the installation Apple may consider your warranty to be invalidated - you should consult them or contact us if you are unsure.


This product is compatible with the following Macs:

Mac mini (Intel)
For fitting RAM into Mac minis from 2018.