INSTALL SERVICE - RAM into an iMac Pro

250.00 + vat

INSTALL SERVICE - RAM into an iMac Pro
Stock Status: Available.

Have us install your new RAM for you. This installation service covers the physical fitting of the new RAM. This service is only valid when purchased with a memory upgrade.

Please choose this service if you wish your RAM to be installed into an iMac Pro. Please be aware this will invalidate any remaining Apple warranty on the machine, and Apple may refuse to carry out any paid-for work on the machine that you wish them to do in the future.

You will need to bring or send your Mac into us for us to carry out the work. Please see our installation service page for more details. Please be aware that collection, same-day and on-site installations are not an option with this service.

If your Mac is still within its warranty period, please be aware that Mac Upgrades engineers are not certified to work on warrantied Macs. Depending on the nature of the installation Apple may consider your warranty to be invalidated - you should consult them or contact us if you are unsure.


This product is compatible with the following Macs:

iMac Intel (2012 and Later)
For iMac Pro