REPAIR SERVICE - Graphics Card Permanent Firmware Bypass for MacBook Pro 2011 15in & 17in

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Does your 15" or 17" MacBook Pro 2011 have any of the following symptoms?

  • Boots to white screen
  • Coloured lines or artefacts on screen
  • Boots 2/3 the way and then stops
  • Kernel panics and restarts mentioning GPU
  • Boots but has no video output on the internal screen

If so, your machine is highly likely to be suffering from a GPU (graphics card) failure. This is endemic in these particular machines.

These machines have two GPUs, one of which is incredibly prone to failure. This service is to disable the problematic card, and just use the integrated Intel graphics.

This is a repair service that is performed on our premises. Once booked you will need to either bring or send your machine into us, or you can have us send our courier to collect it - see here. Once complete you can collect the machine from us, or we can ship it back to you for our standard courier delivery charge (applied during the checkout process).

What is this service for?

There are common issues with the graphics cards in some 2011 revision MacBook Pros - effected models are those which have a dual GPU setup with both and an integrated and dedicated graphics card (so all the 2011 15in and 17in models, but none of the 13in). The dedicated card develops a fault, which can sometimes be worked around by forcing the use of the integrated GPU only, but often ends up with a completely non-functional machine.

What does this service do?

The MacBook Pro is prevented from switching to the faulty dedicated graphics card and will only use the integrated card from then on. The change is permanent and will not revert after a NVRAM reset or OS update, though there are some downsides (see below).

What does this service involve?

A small additional chip (the Tiresias from CMIzapper) is soldered onto the motherboard which writes the 'gpu-power-prefs' nvram-variable to the ROM and stops the Mac switching to the dedicated graphics card. The dedicated card is disabled to save power. Unlike purely firmware fixes, this is a permanent solution that will survive an NVRAM reset.


  • Permanent hardware fix.
  • Battery life improved.
  • No software to install or update.
  • Never worry about software updates or PRAM resets.
  • Cheaper than other permanent fixes.


  • Native Windows booting (Boot Camp) is not supported. Running a Windows VM (using Parallels or similar) is fine.
  • No external video output (the Thunderbolt port does work, but not for video output).
  • Loss of the dedicated graphics chip - 3D graphics performance will be much poorer, and intensive GPU accelerated tasks, such as rendering, will be considerably slower due to the absence of the chip.

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Below is a list of compatible Macs for this item. You can click on any of the pictures to see the precise models it covers. We guarantee full compatibility with all models covered by each link, subject to any exceptions explicitly listed below.

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