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MacBook Retina

Launched in 2015, these attractive little machines filled the role once occupied by the MacBook Air as the lightest and smallest Mac laptops available. These are all Intel CPU machines, despite the similarity of the Core M naming with Apple's later ARM based Macs.

They are unfortunately non-upgradeable and prone to problems, and with all their components on a tiny logic board are essentially unrepairable. We have had some success in resurrecting dead machines long enough to salvage data trapped in the integrated drive on a failed board. But beyond that and some compatible external devices and adaptors for their single USB-C port, we have been unable to offer anything for them.

All of these machines use the unpopular "butterfly" keyboard. If the MacBook has a fault with it and is still less than 4 years old, there is an Apple service program.

To see only products compatible with your exact Mac, you can search for it by name, or any identifier such as model identifier, part number, serial number, etc.:


  -  This can be connected to this Mac to access a 2.5" SATA drive. But this Mac does not use a 2.5" SATA drive internally.