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MacBook Pro Retina Touch Bar

The MacBook Pro Retina with Touch Bar first appeared in 2016, with the last model released in 2020. Initially a 13" and 15" model was released, and then in 2019 a 16" display model came out, the largest screen on an Apple laptop since the last 17" MacBook Pro Unibody model was released in 2011.

With this model, upgrading an Apple laptop ceased to be possible. RAM and drive are all part of the logic board making upgrades impossible and backups essential, since data cannot be recovered from a drive if the logic board it is part of fails. They do have fast Thunderbolt and USB connectivity that allows extremely quick external storage to be used

We offer repair services for MacBook Pro Touch Bar models, though repairs are harder than than on earlier models due to some of the design choices made with these machines. Logic board repair is currently available up to the 2018 models.

Most of these machines use the unpopular "butterfly" keyboard, but the 16" model (which was introduced in 2019), along with 13" models from 2020, moved to more reliable "scissor" switches. Problematic butterfly keyboards are covered by an Apple service program for 4 years after purchase.

A number of these machines suffer from the so-called "Stage Lights" effect fault, also known as "Flexgate". We have a repair service for the fault here.

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  -  Requires macOS 10.13.6 or later.