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Mac Pro 2013

Announced in Late 2013, the new model Mac Pro was a radical departure from the previous tower model. Instead of a large tower workstation with PCI Express expansion and graphics slots and 4 bays for internal 3.5" drives, this new model came in a slim black cylindrical case with a single internal SSD. While the internal SSD blade can be upgraded, large capacity additional storage, and all expansion cards need to be hooked up externally via its Thunderbolt 2 ports. Fundamental to the design was its dual GPU architecture, something Apple was anticipating would become an increasing requirement in the Pro space. However as they later acknowledged, this largely did not come to pass and the tight thermal design of the cylindrical case did not allow Apple to redesign the machine around a more powerful single GPU. This, and increasing migration of previous Mac Pro users to the iMac, is the reasoning given for the 5 year stagnation of the Mac Pro range after this release, and its eventual replacement by a new workstation targeted firmly at the top end of user requirements, the Mac Pro 2019.

We have RAM and upgrades for the internal SSD available for this machine, and provide installation services if needed.

We have experience in repairs on these Macs, and decent access to spare parts.

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