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MacBook Pro M1 / M2

Brand new in 2020 with the MacBook Pro M1 13", the switch to the ARM based architecture was an immediate success in terms of performance and, especially, efficiency (so battery life). The first models were limited to only 16GB of RAM, reducing their utility for many professional workflows. But the release on October 2021 of the M1 Pro and M1 Max machines, which can be configured with up to 32GB or 64GB respectively, alleviated that concern, and brought the MacBook pro range fully across to the new architecture. The SD Card slot was also restored on these 14" and 16" models, after a much missed multi-year absence on the MacBook Pro range.

All these machine lack the ability to be upgraded internally after purchase.

MacBook Pro M1 / M2 > External Hard Drives and SSDs > Network Attached Storage

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