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The eMac G4 was initially aimed at the education market, but was put on general sale and was a popular, cheaper, alternative to the iMac G4. Unlike the iMac G4, which tends to feature highly on lists of best designed Macs of all time, the eMac G4 is a heavy white lump of a machine, built around a 17" CRT monitor. Basically an oversized, extremely heavy, iMac G3. It did its job however, which was to be a cheap all-in-one Mac with a G4 processor.

These Macs are all completely obsolete, and are well beyond the point of us offering parts or services for them - our records show the last eMac we dealt with was in 2013, and that was pulling a drive from a failed machine to recover the data. In theory we could help with something similar if needed, but please do check with us first before turning up at our door with an eMac!

If you looking for a PowerPC all-in-one Mac to repair/upgrade as a hobby project, our first advice would be to consider a different machine... An iMac G4 or iMac G3 Slot Loading are, in our opinion, much better examples of Apple's work. If you do want to work on the eMac, you have two DIMM memory slots which each take up to a 512MB of either PC133 or PC2700 DIMM RAM (check the individual machines below for the spec of yours), and have a 3.5" PATA hard drive bay that you could adapt to an SSD or SD card of some description. Remember that CRT monitors can hold dangerous amounts of charge long after they are turned off.

eMac > Networking

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  -  Compatible with 1GHz and faster eMacs. Also compatible with 800MHz eMacs produced after May 2003. 700 and 800Mhz eMacs produced before May 2003 need the original Airport Card.