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MacBook Air 2010 - 2012

These MacBook Airs were sold alongside the professional targeted MacBook Pro Unibody, and the consumer aimed MacBook, with the MacBook Air in 2010 still firmly in its original role as the lightweight portable alternative for users who were prepared to sacrifice functionality for portability. However with internal upgrades to performance, the addition of Thunderbolt in 2011 and USB 3 in 2012, the declining importance of DVDs, and Apple moving away from user-upgradeability everywhere, the MacBook Air no longer really had any significant disadvantages compared to the MacBook. By 2012, the MacBook Air was positioned as the main alternative to the MacBook Pro.

Like all MacBook Airs, the RAM in these is soldered and non-upgradeable. Given the low amounts many of these models were sold with, that has limited the lifespan of these Macs considerable. Drive upgrades are possible on all models, they use non-standard parts but third parties have designed compatible drives for them.

The 2010 and 2011 models can run up to macOS 10.13 High Sierra, while the 2012 can be upgraded as far as 10.15 Catalina.

We can do extensive repairs on these MacBook Airs, including

We offer repair services for these machines, with logic board repair as well as replacement of other components. However they are old enough now they are frequently not economical to repair (the value of the repaired machine is less than the cost of the repair).

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  -  Not for the 2012.

  -  Not for the 2012.

  -  For the 2012 model.

  -  For 11in models, excluding the 2010.

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