Sell My Mac

MacUpgrades is interested in buying used Macs for resale through our website.

What We Are currently buying

Macbook Pros, Mac Pros, MacBooks, Mac minis and iMacs from around 2012 or later. Working and not working. We will even make offers for machines with major faults such as logic board failures - we won't offer a fortune but we are always after parts.

Large Quantities

If you have a suite of Macs you are replacing, we are definitely interested, and if you are near Cambridge we can arrange to collect them at a convenient time.

Machines less than two years old

For machines less than two years old our offers are not going to be competitive when compared to selling the machine privately via ebay or by free ads. We may still make an offer but it will be lower than you could achieve elsewhere.

Replies to these enquiries may take a few days to come through. So if you are enquiring about purchasing from us, please use the standard contact form instead.

Please use the contact form below to give us an overview of the Mac(s) you wish to sell, please give as many details as possible. If we are interested we will contact you with an initial offer and will arrange collection of the machine(s) from your address for assesment. Depending on the assesment we will either pay the agreed upon price, make you an alternative offer, or return the machine(s) to you.

Full Name:
E-Mail Address:
Details of machine(s). Please give as much information as possible: type of Mac, processor type and speed, screen size (if relevant), installed memory, hard drive and optical drive type. Please also list any faults with the machine(s), and give an overview of the cosmetic condition.