Power Macintosh G4 800 (QS 2002)

Here you can find the exact specifications of this Mac, along with guaranteed compatible upgrades for it, and an upgrade tool to let you quickly build an order which can be saved for later or shared with a friend.

  • Part Number: M8705LL/A
  • Model: PowerMac G4 - Quicksilver
  • Model Identifier: PowerMac3,5
  • Introduced: 2002
  • Discontinued: 2002
  • Model Number: M8493
  • Max Operating System Version: OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger)
  • Earliest Supported OSX Version: OS X 10.1.2 (Puma)
  • Support for MacOS 9 and Earlier: Can boot into MacOS 9.2.2
  • CPU Speed: 800MHz
  • RAM Type: PC133 DIMM 133MHz
  • RAM Slots: 3
  • Max RAM by Slot: 3 x 512MB
  • Maximum RAM: 1.5GB
  • RAM Pairing: Modules may be installed individually
  • Drive Connection: IDE
  • Drive Platter Size: 3.5"
  • Device Connectivity: USB 1.1, FireWire 400
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Video Output (base graphics card): VGA or DVI (depending on graphics card), ADC
  • Expansion: PCI, Airport (Original)
  • Graphics Card Type: 4X AGP
  • Revision Produced From (Year): 2002
  • Apple User Documentation: Setup Manual
  • Repair and Upgrade guides: From ifixit.com
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Keyboards & Mice

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Compatible Power Supply and Battery Products for this Mac

Apple batteries and power fitting documentation: Setup Manual, Power Supply Replacement Guide, PRAM Battery Replacement

PRAM/Clock Battery

Compatible Cables, Adaptors and Tools for this Mac

USB 1.1

FireWire 400 (6 pin)


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  -  This Mac can connect to USB 3, but not at full speed.

  -  This Mac can connect to USB 3, but not at full speed.

Repair and Installation Services

Apple repair manuals: Setup Manual, Power Supply Replacement Guide, SCSI Card Replacement Guide, SCSI Drive Cable Replacement Guide, Front Panel Board Replacement, ATA Drive Cable Replacement
See repair guides from ifixit.com

Here are our list of fixed cost repair and installation services for this Mac. All machines for repair or upgrade can either be shipped to us (we can arrange collection if desired), or you are welcome to drop the machine into our offices in Sawston, Cambridge. We have been doing Apple Mac repairs since 2001, you can be assured of a complete, speedy, good value and professional service.


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