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Enter the serial number for your Mac below and press submit. You can find your serial number on a sticker on your Mac, or by going Apple Menu > About This Mac, then clicking the More Info button. This brings up System Profiler, and on the Hardware Overview that is displayed by default you should see your serial number, and be able to copy/paste it. You can also locate your Mac from its Model Identifier with our Model ID picker.

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PowerBook G4 Aluminium

PowerBook G4
12" Aluminium

PowerBook G4 AL 12"

The PowerBook G4 12" Aluminium covers the entire range of Apple's 12" G4 PowerBooks.

PowerBook G4
15" Aluminium

PowerBook G4 AL 15"

The PowerBook G4 15" Aluminium was the second range of 15" PowerBook G4s. The 15" Titaniums look fairly similar, but they have a black keyboard, not the silver of the Aluminium. The MacBook Pro also looks similar.

The Aluminium was produced in configurations of 1GHz and upwards, the earlier Titaniums also had a 1GHz model, but nothing higher. The MacBook Pro uses an Intel processor.

PowerBook G4
17" Aluminium

PowerBook G4 AL 17"

The PowerBook G4 17" Aluminium covers the entire range of Apple's 17" G4 PowerBooks. The 17" look fairly similar, but have an Intel processor rather than a PowerPC G4 one.

PowerBook G4 Titanium

PowerBook G4

PowerBook G4 Titanium

This was Apple's first G4 PowerBook range, and its titanium finish and 15" screen distinguish it from all earlier Apple laptops.

The later 15" Aluminium PowerBook G4 looks fairly similar, but has a silver keyboard as opposed to the black one of the Titanium.

This PowerBook was released with clock speeds up to and including 1GHz, the 15" Aluminiums were 1GHz and upwards.

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