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PowerMac G5 - Upgrade & Repair

PowerMac G5

In June 2003 Apple finally upgraded their desktop line up from the G4 to the IBM made PPC970 - the G5. For their day, these machines are awesome, both internally and externally. They support up to 16GB of memory (8GB on the earlier models), all shipped with DVD-RW SuperDrives and SATA hard drives. The connectivity was upgraded with FireWire 800, Airport Extreme, and later models upgraded to the new PCI-Express architecture for expansion and graphics slots (earlier models use PCI or PCI-X expansion slots and 8x AGP graphics).

Their power requirements were equally awesome, with the top of the range model requiring a power supply putting out an entire kilowatt, and the ability to use all the space inside the huge case was compromised by its cooling requirements.

In many ways these beasts showcase both the strengths of the PowerPC chip line, and the efficiency weaknesses that lead to the switch to Intel CPUs in 2006.