On-Site Installation & Consulting

As part of our drive to improve the services we offer, and in response to customer feedback, we have expanded and are pleased to be able to offer on-site upgrades and replacement parts at your home or business, along with software consultancy and upgrade advice.

Each of our on-site engineers has at least 15 years experience of Apple hardware and software and can give advice on upgrades and suitable products for any environment.

We do not currently have online booking for our on-site services, please call us on 01223 833 412 or email us for a quote and to discuss available timeslots.

This is our current area of operation.

Image showing MacUpgrades on-site areas of operation, split into Zone 1 and Zone 2.  Zone 1 is a 25 mile radius from our Sawston, Cambridge location.  Zone 2 is a 45 mile radius.

We offer a number of fixed price on-site services for many of the upgrades we do at MacUpgrades. The pricing is divided into zones depending on the distance from our offices. We will go outside of these areas by arrangement - please contact us for a quote.

Pricing is the same as our normal installation services*, with an additional fee for on-site installation which is £62.50 + VAT for Zone 1 and £125 + VAT for Zone 2. With some exceptions, you can just configure an installation order on our website, and then add the relevant on-site fee to get the total cost of the service, but here are some examples (on-site fee and labour charges only, part costs are NOT included in these examples unless otherwise stated).

*If we are fitting a new drive, and you want the old drive cloned to the new one, we can supply an external caddy or cable to connect up your old drive, and start the clone process for you, leaving instructions on how to complete the setup once the clone completes. We can, with prior arrangement stay until the end of the clone, but since this can take many hours it will be considerably more expensive than the standard fee for doing it at our own location. Please ask us for more details if you are unsure what is right for you.


On-site installation of a Hard Drive/Solid State Drive/Optical Drive into MacBook, MacBook Pro, Air or Retina

  • Zone 1 - £91.50 + VAT
  • Zone 2 - £154 + VAT

Additional cost for installation of an operating system is £25 + VAT (clean OS). Hard drives start at around £54 + VAT (see the rest of the website for part pricing, or contact us).

On-site installation of hard drive / SSD into an iMac (any pre 2012 iMac) main drive bay or optical drive bay.

  • Zone 1 - £131.50 + VAT
  • Zone 2 - £194 + VAT

Additional cost for installation of an operating system is £25 + VAT (clean OS). Hard drives start at around £40 + VAT (see the rest of the website for part pricing, or contact us).

There is only one service charge for installing multiple items, so if we are upgrading your hard drive, we can upgrade your RAM also for only the additional cost of the parts.

On-site installation of hard drive / SSD into an iMac (any post 2012 iMac) main drive bay. This price includes the VHB Kit required

  • Zone 1 - £209 + VAT
  • Zone 2 - £271.50 + VAT

Additional cost for installation of an operating system is £25 + VAT (clean OS). Hard drives start at around £35 + VAT (see the rest of the website for part pricing, or contact us).


On-site installation of a power supply in any iMac (these prices DO include the part, but please be aware we will generally need to order the part in, prior to coming out to you)

  • Zone 1 - £178 + VAT
  • Zone 2 - £240 + VAT

Hardware Diagnosis

  • Zone 1 - £125 + VAT
  • Zone 2 - £187.50 + VAT

This pricing is to determine a fault. We will discuss the nature of the fault with you at length beforehand, so that we can try to bring any necessary parts to complete the repair on site, but it may be necessary for an additional visit to be arranged in order to rectify the fault.

We can also install a number of other parts such as LCDs, casing, DC-in boards, inverters, fans, sound boards etc. Please contact us for a quote.

We regret we cannot currently offer laptop glass replacement, data recovery, component level logic board repairs or reflow services on-site, these have to be brought or sent in to us.

Personal collection of Apple computer and re-delivery back after install

Sometimes waiting for a courier to pickup and deliver is too long without your computer, or you have data which you have to know is safe at all times. This expedited service minimises your downtime and gives you more choice. One of our members of staff will personally collect and return your machine to you within an agreed timescale, fully insured and guaranteed. Pricing is the standard Zone 1 or Zone 2 fee as appropriate.

Remote Assistance

Sometimes help and troubleshooting can be provided using remote screen sharing. This lets our engineers either problem solve or diagnose the issue without the need to travel to your location. This can be provided within working hours at a cost of £39 + VAT for up to 30 mins remote session.

Flat Rate Pricing Structure

As well as fixed cost services, if you have multiple machines to upgrade/repair, or would like one of our engineers to come and resolve any software or hardware issues, or setup and hardware devices the usual Zone fee would be payable to cover travel time, and then pricing is as follows:

  • £62.50 + VAT per hour or part thereof
  • £420 + VAT per day
  • Longer time periods are possible by agreement

Consultancy Services - Flat Rate pricing as above

  • New to Mac
  • Software updates, going from early versions of OSX to later ones - installed on your premises, with analysis of applications which will need updating.
  • Software/Hardware tutorials
  • Health checks - Surface scan of hard drives, startup items, memory test etc.
  • Wireless network setup/troubleshooting
  • Mac OS X Server Install and Commission/Upgrade/Crossgrade
  • VPN Configuration
  • User Training
  • eMail best practices
  • Security best practices
  • Backup Audit
  • Security Audit - including Mobile device security.
  • Network config and design including WiFi
  • Worst Case Audit
  • License Audit/Site Hardware Audit - including recommendations for next steps
  • Training Audit - what tools are best - workflow recommendations (such as document management, OCR, automated backups)

All our engineers are full trained, have at least 15 years experience in Apple hardware and software and we have full liability insurance. They come equipped with ESD protection and every tool required. Please contact us for a pre booking chat about any requirements that you may have.

We offer AM and PM appointments, please contact us for details.

To enquire about these services please give us a call on 01223 833 412, or or email us.