On-Site Support

Support Guys

MacUpgrades also operates Support Guys. Over the many years MacUpgrades has been trading, our relationships with some of our business customers have evolved into more that of a traditional IT support provider, with us handling everything from major network upgrades to printer configuration - "Go and speak to those support guys; they will sort it all out for you." And we have, we do, and we will continue to do so.

Under the Support Guys brand, we offer IT support services specifically tailored for businesses that make heavy use of Apple hardware. We know Macs inside and out, and we have a lot of experience working with SMEs and their IT problems.

We tend to focus on the user, the person doing the work; and look for bottlenecks which get in their way. This usually starts with a lot of questions about what is causing you pain, and trying to work through them to find the root causes of the issues.

Often these are obvious, sometimes they are not. Questions about email being slow can be underlying network issues (DNS, broadband connection failure, too many hubs, old or damaged cables). It could be client issues (software out of date, corrupted email databases, malware or PUPs getting in the way). However it can also be about training and understanding how to interact with these things in the best way possible; using email to send out large files like architectural drawings is easy - but slow and insecure. Better solutions exist today.

Find out more on www.supportguys.co.uk.

Over the years we have worked with many customers at their premises to offer bespoke upgrade solutions.

Coming out to you to upgrade three or more Macs in situ is usually cheaper than getting them to us. It is almost always quicker and prevents disruption to your workflow. We can pre-install macOS on drives before attending your site to speed up the transition and provide advice for cloning or restoring from backup if that is quicker or easier.

Office iMacs suffer from failed hard drives and lack of RAM more often than people think - so if your staff are complaining about how slow everything is, how Word takes 5 minutes to launch and crashed 3 times a day, and Mail search never works - upgrading to an SSD and adding more RAM makes for a happier workforce.

We have helped several schools with their media suites, art departments or music departments where Macs are the outliers and the school IT department don’t want to, or are not qualified to, help. We are more than happy to work along side your IT team to ensure you get the most from your Macs.

We have helped with network advice, backup strategies, business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans. We have helped setup remote working solutions, VPNs and sort haul data services to link sites.

Based just south of Cambridge we regularly visit customers in most of London, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Bedfordshire as well as Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. We routinely visit Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and the Midlands. We can travel further afield if needed, please do get in touch to discuss your needs.

We can offer remote support sessions via TeamViewer. Sometimes the terminology can be a hinderance when talking by phone. What one person calls a button, another terms a slider. What one person calls the menu bar, another calls "the top" - as such, being able to see the same as you and describe exactly what is happening is much more natural. In these days of social distancing, and caution about who you let into your home or business; remote support can be a great asset and allow much of the prep work to be completed.

Call 01223 833 412 and ask to speak to Doug about how we can help you with on-site or remote support. We can talk through what you have, what you are trying to achieve and see if there is a solution which can work for you.

Expected Costs:

We charge a standard "Day Rate" of £600 + VAT per day, this usually includes travel time from Sawston to you. For many jobs we can quote exact figures before we start, others are much more open ended and would be agreed before work was undertaken. This does not include the cost of any parts used or any prep work done before the visit.

Site surveys can sometimes be useful to gain a deeper insight into your specific needs, and these can be arranged at a reduced cost.

In our experience (over 20 years in IT at the time of writing) this tends to become a project based exercise - such that an onsite upgrade "reveals" a number of other members of staff who are having issues with their Macs, the software, or other bottlenecks - misconfigured WiFi, odd network layouts, backups not working as expected, etc. Usually a couple of visits clears these up, and everything is happy for a number of years.. until something changes and then we are here if you need us.